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Facial Enhancements

Professional facial enhancement treatments are an excellent way to achieve glowing and healthy skin. We design personalized skincare treatments crafted carefully after a comprehensive assessment based on your skin concerns and skin condition. Our skincare experts assess both visible and underlying skin damage and recommend the best course of treatment.

At Beauty Scripts, our specialists are well-experienced in performing a range of non/minimally invasive beauty treatments to rejuvenate your skin and improve your facial structure and skin appearance. We offer a full suite of facial enhancement solutions, including Chemical Peels, Facial Contouring, Acne Therapy, Visia Skin Analysis, and everything in between. Our facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for safe beauty & wellness treatments.

Whether you want treatment for any particular skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, dark spots, or want to get rid of aging signs, we provide professional facial enhancement solutions for all your skincare needs. Schedule a consultation with our skin care experts today!

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How much does the Facial Enhancement Treatment cost?

As each patient requires a different facial treatment, the cost of the treatment may vary depending on your beauty goals, what treatment is needed, and the treatment process. At Beauty Scripts, our medical specialists will assess your skin care needs, create a personalized plan, and provide a cost estimate. Contact our team to schedule an assessment and get an accurate cost estimate today.

How to determine what type of Facial Enhancement Treatment I need?

Facial Enhancement Treatments at Beauty Scripts are unique for each patient, depending on their specific needs. In addition, some patients need a combination of different facial enhancement treatments to rejuvenate their skin. Therefore, a comprehensive skin assessment needs to be conducted to devise a customized treatment plan. You may schedule an appointment and visit our facilities at any time to get the skin examination and learn about our various facial enhancement services.

What can I expect during a Facial Enhancement Treatment?

Facial Enhancement Treatment at Beauty Scripts is personalized as per the specific skincare needs of each client. We offer a range of Facial Enhancement treatments, including chemical peels, facial contouring, acne therapy, Visia skin analysis, and more. Thus, the treatment procedure will differ depending on the particular treatment you might need. After the consultation, the doctor will discuss the treatment required and all aspects of the treatment. You can also ask the doctor about all your concerns during your consultation session.

How often should I get a Facial Enhancement Treatment?

As we grow old, our skin starts to look dull, and dead cell turnover slows down, leading to the appearance of aging signs, blackheads, congestion, or acne. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin to maintain its healthy glow and radiance. Thus, for optimum results, it is recommended to get facial enhancement treatments every 4-6 weeks, depending on the recommendation by the skincare specialist.

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I couldn’t be happier with the results after getting my facial and lip fillers from Beauty Scripts. I didn’t have any side effects, and it’s been two months since the treatment. I’m so happy that I look so great now! Also, the staff at Beauty Scripts were all so sweet and friendly. I felt so at ease during the treatment. Thanks a lot!!! Highly recommend it!!!

Jenna S.

I got the EMSculpt treatment for a better-sculpted butt, and thighs, and I am really happy with the results! It’s been 4 months since the treatment, and my body looks great. Thanks to Dr. Monica and her team! Dr. Monica Grover is so friendly and sweet. I’ll definitely recommend her services

Angela L.