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Beauty Scripts offers complete hair-related treatments to treat, remove, or address hair issues. Whether it’s full body laser hair removal, or hair rejuvenation treatment to address significant hair thinning, our hair experts have the perfect solution as unique as your hair type and condition. Beauty Scripts’ specialists first begin with a thorough analysis of the scalp to exam the pattern, growth, and strength of the hair shafts. Only after a comprehensive exam coupled with taking the patients’ medical history do we begin to curate a personalized treatment plan. If you are struggling with hair problems, we strongly suggest consulting with the hair experts at Beauty Scripts at the earliest. Schedule your visit today!

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What types of hair services do we provide?

At Beauty Scripts, you get complete hair removal and treatment options. Our team of dermatologists and aestheticians is highly qualified and trained in assisting in various cosmetic hair-related procedures. Among our extensive list of top-rated services include laser hair removal, electrolysis for completely safe and permanent body hair removal. Additionally, our trichologists specialize in addressing significant hair loss and hair thinning with our hair rejuvenation treatment. In short, Beauty Scripts has non-surgical solutions to all your hair-related issues.

How long do the treatments last?

Hair treatments’ longevity depends on the kind of procedure, the products used, and the individual’s body. For instance, laser hair removal usually results in permanent hair reduction for everyone. However, these results may be achieved in 3 appointments for some and may take up to 6 sessions for others.

What to expect in the first appointment?

At Beauty Scripts, all initial appointments begin with a thorough discussion of the clients’ main concerns, medical history, any previous or ongoing cosmetic procedure. Only after our Specialists have all the details about your health records, do we proceed with treatment. Hence, first appointments are always a direct interaction with the patient and doctor to lay out the problems and expected results so that a personalized and unique approach can be adopted during the treatment.

How much do hair treatments at Beauty Scripts cost?

The founders of Beauty Scripts believe that beauty should not carry a price tag. However, we are aware that expensive cosmetic services may make it difficult for many individuals to access the treatment they want. Hence, our hair rejuvenation services start from as low as $60 per session to $200 for electrolysis hair removal. For laser hair removal, the charges may stretch up to $250. Please note that these prices are subject to change and do not reflect the quality of services you will receive at Beauty Scripts.

Make a consultation with Beauty Scripts’ hair experts to get personalized, cosmetic treatment.

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I couldn’t be happier with the results after getting my facial and lip fillers from Beauty Scripts. I didn’t have any side effects, and it’s been two months since the treatment. I’m so happy that I look so great now! Also, the staff at Beauty Scripts were all so sweet and friendly. I felt so at ease during the treatment. Thanks a lot!!! Highly recommend it!!!

Jenna S.

I got the EMSculpt treatment for a better-sculpted butt, and thighs, and I am really happy with the results! It’s been 4 months since the treatment, and my body looks great. Thanks to Dr. Monica and her team! Dr. Monica Grover is so friendly and sweet. I’ll definitely recommend her services

Angela L.