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Are you troubled with stubborn cellulite and fat pockets despite having a disciplined exercise routine? If so, then Beauty Scripts has the perfect treatment tailor-made for your aesthetic goals. Our beauty experts have devised various body sculpting and contouring treatments unique to every body shape and concern. The body sculpting procedures offered at Beauty Scripts are quick, non-invasive, and help you achieve the desired results within the first few treatments. Hence, if you wish to change or enhance a certain part of your body, consult with the specialists at Beauty Scripts to find the right treatment for you.

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What treatments do we offer?

Beauty Scripts is at the forefront of medically innovative, yet completely non-invasive cosmetic treatments with a high success rate. We provide non-surgical body contouring and sculpting treatments that address fat reduction and removal from all over the body or certain areas. Most of our body sculpting procedures use injectable lipolysis that kills fat cells in the body or melts them, whether it is in the upper arms, abdomen, hips, or thighs.

Beauty Scripts’ body sculpting procedures are safe and successfully destroy the fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Moreover, our double board-certified surgeons use only FDA-approved chemical formulations to promote healthy blood circulation and strengthen the connective tissue.

Which areas can be targeted under body sculpting?

Beauty Scripts’ specialists are trained and experienced in handling all kinds of facial and body enhancements with our non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Our team has successfully transformed many men’s and women’s body image issues into an impressive, sculpted, and enhanced figure overall. Our cosmetic surgeons can address loose skin around the abdomen, thighs, and arms after a drastic weight loss without any surgical interventions. Our pioneered methods involve injectable lipolysis, to melt and remove the fat cells within the target areas.

Additionally, Beauty Scripts’ experts can also help you with varicose veins, vaginal rejuvenation, hand aesthetic transformation, and skin tightening around any or all body parts.

What to expect during my appointment?

Beauty Scripts’ body enhancement treatments begin with a thorough discussion with our dermatologist to determine your concerns and devise a treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Next, our beauty team will take a detailed analysis of your body with a focus on your medical history and any ongoing medical or cosmetic treatments. We believe transparency is critical in determining the success of any treatment. Hence, we strongly urge you to not hesitate in putting forward your queries, concerns, and details pertaining to your health during your initial appointment.

Therefore, if you have stubborn fat in certain areas that you can't target with diet or exercise alone, or are struggling with body image due to a problematic area of your body, let us help. Consult with the expert team of aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons at Beauty Scripts to find a body sculpting treatment custom-made for your body and aesthetic goals. Book an appointment today.

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I couldn’t be happier with the results after getting my facial and lip fillers from Beauty Scripts. I didn’t have any side effects, and it’s been two months since the treatment. I’m so happy that I look so great now! Also, the staff at Beauty Scripts were all so sweet and friendly. I felt so at ease during the treatment. Thanks a lot!!! Highly recommend it!!!

Jenna S.

I got the EMSculpt treatment for a better-sculpted butt, and thighs, and I am really happy with the results! It’s been 4 months since the treatment, and my body looks great. Thanks to Dr. Monica and her team! Dr. Monica Grover is so friendly and sweet. I’ll definitely recommend her services

Angela L.