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Our skin is more vulnerable than ever today. Although some conditions are genetic, external factors like pollution, sun exposure, and stress don’t help either. So, if you are struggling with skin conditions or are constantly worried about early signs of aging, consult with the experts at Beauty Scripts and get your skin analyzed. The VISIA Skin Analysis system provides highly advanced imaging and analysis that help probe potential areas of concern with high precision.

Beauty Scripts skin specialists use these images to device skin care treatments with a custom focus on your unique skin needs and conditions. So, if you wish to understand your skin better, book a VISIA Skin Analysis with Beauty Scripts today.

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How does VISIA Skin Analysis work?

VISIA is a fully automated, non-invasive facial imaging system. This highly sophisticated system scans the skin and captures information from both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. Once the scanning is complete, multi-view images are generated, highlighting skin conditions like pigmentation, pores, wrinkles, etc. This precision skin analysis is an extremely helpful tool in comparing present skin conditions and helps your dermatologist and aesthetician to tailor-made your skincare regime and treatments.

What does VISIA Skin Analysis scan?

During the VISIA Skin Analysis, the system generates both 2D and 3D images focusing on the following eight areas of concern:

  • Spots. The discoloration on the skin varies from person to person. These can be segmented into freckles, acne, hyperpigmentation, or even detect skin cancer that the VISIA minutely highlights.
  • Wrinkles. As the skin ages, it loses elasticity. This natural process can generate wrinkles. However, for some individuals, the appearance of wrinkles varies in different areas like under the eyes, around the mouth, forehead, etc. The VISIA Skin Analysis highlights the area of the skin over-exposed to UV rays.
  • Texture. The VISIA technology creates a three-dimensional model of the skin, revealing the overall skin surface. This focuses on the differences in the smoothness and identifying any indentations or valley lines on the surface.
  • Pores. The openings in the skin that allow hair follicles to stem out can also be identified in the form of shadows that surround your skin.
  • UV Spots. Ultraviolet damage is vital to be detected in time by scanning the subdermal layer of the skin. These UV sports once detected with the VISIA system can highlight the areas more prone to skin damage or cancer.
  • Brown Spots. Abundant production of melanin can cause brown spots or hyperpigmentation, lentigines, and melasma. The VISIA system identifies the freckles from pigmentation and distinguishes the area that requires treatment.
  • Red Areas. A number of causes including acne, rosacea, spider veins, or inflammation can leave the skin sensitive. Although not always visible to the naked eye, red areas can be detected by the VISIA Skin Analysis quite easily.
  • Porphyrins. Bacteria and germ accumulation on the skin can lead to clogged pores called porphyrins. With the help of VISIA imaging, these pores can be highlighted in time and treated to prevent acne.

What to expect during the VISIA scanning?

Once you make an appointment with beauty script, our beauty experts will recommend you to come in for your appointment without any makeup on. However, if you do have any makeup or sunscreen on at the time of your appointment, our team will help cleanse your skin thoroughly before the imaging.

Apart from this, there is nothing much you need to do. For the imaging, a specialist will assist you in seating you comfortably in front of the VISIA system before beginning the process of your facial scanning. During the VISIA analysis, the computer will capture left, frontal, and right facial views to create a clear picture of your skin. The whole process takes no more than 30 minutes and you can consult your dermatologist at Beauty Scripts right after.

So, take this automated step towards skin analysis and book your appointment with our Beauty Scripts experts to have your skin treatments and products tailor-made for your concerns and skin condition.

We look forward to helping you achieve flawless and healthy skin.

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I couldn’t be happier with the results after getting my facial and lip fillers from Beauty Scripts. I didn’t have any side effects, and it’s been two months since the treatment. I’m so happy that I look so great now! Also, the staff at Beauty Scripts were all so sweet and friendly. I felt so at ease during the treatment. Thanks a lot!!! Highly recommend it!!!

Jenna S.

I got the EMSculpt treatment for a better-sculpted butt, and thighs, and I am really happy with the results! It’s been 4 months since the treatment, and my body looks great. Thanks to Dr. Monica and her team! Dr. Monica Grover is so friendly and sweet. I’ll definitely recommend her services

Angela L.