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Wellness Scripts 


Life isn't a rehearsal, so why wait for better days? Live every day to feeling your best. Wellness Scripts is a unique and integrative program that optimizes your health with a customized program. Starting with a thorough consultation that includes integrative blood work and an exam, the physician designed program will help you to meet your true potential for feeling and living your best every day.

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IV Therapy


Looking great is only half the formula. Feel as great as you look with our customized wellness infusions. From treating fatigue, recovering from a sickness, optimizing your workouts, or getting your glow on, we have the formula for you.

Mental Wellness YORKTOWN heights

Mental Wellness


IBeauty is power; a smile is its sword. We are passionate about Mental wellness. We can make you LOOK great on the outside, but we also want you to FEEL as great as you look. It starts with a physician consultation. From there on, we will come up with a management that makes you feel comfortable. We're here to listen just as long as you're willing to talk. Go ahead, time to dust off that cape and use your superhero powers.